“Mommy grandma is here”

“Which Grandma?”

“Grandma Fish”

Grandma Fish had stopped over to the house to pick up her cookie dough order form for our cookie sale.  Our relay for life team is selling cookie dough and she needed her order form.  As we had just finished dinner and nothing else planned for the evening Bailee asked “Mom can I go to Grandma Fish’s house?”

“No honey, Grandma has stuff to do.”  Not really knowing if Grandma had stuff to do or not. 

“The kids can come over for a little bit if they want” Grandma whispered to me.

Minutes later I was zipping coats and putting hats on.  As the door shut Wade and I were home alone.  Something that does not happen very often, actually can’t think of when we had the house to our self in a LONG time.  I grabbed a glass of water, blanket and curl up in the chair and watch a couple of shows with NO interruption.

After a couple of shows I had enough of the house being so quiet, we went to get our proud and joy, our children.  After ice cream melts, we all were home again together.