Do I remember how to do this??  It has been one year since I have been on my blog, but thought I would try this SOLC.

As I read facecbook this morning I saw a post about SOLC.  I really enjoyed it last year but let see how long it will take me to figure use my blog so I can post.  Looking foward to hearing from you!



This picture inspired me to write this poem.

The challenges of crossing the line
Less family time,
Long days,
Hours on the road,
Endless amounts of homework

The benefits of crossing the line
College degree,
Teaching Job,
More family time
And most of all doing what I’ve always dreamed of


Well what I thought was a great idea about getting the fish for the kids  for sleeping in their own beds, back fired on me.  While we were at PetSmart getting the fish for my daughter, my husband decided to show the kids hamsters.

While I was in South Carolina my son told my mom “Fish not me favorite, me want a hamster.”  So of course my husband and mom thought that was a great idea and told him that he can get one.

I was not excited about the idea.  I HATE hamsters!  I informed my husband that I will not have anything to do with the hamster.  Well Max has one more sticker to go!  Will we have a hamster in our house soon??



Came home and made lasagna for tomorrow.  Usually making dinner at 8:00 for the next day is not my favorite thing, but I just could not say no.  This was a favor.  Yesterday I got a text saying “For the 31 on my mom and dads anniversary can you make her a cake and get flower for her i will pay you back the money for the flowers as soon as possible MaeLynn not Shell”

MaeLynn’s dad is the cousin of mine that is in Iraq.  It melted my heart knowing that she was thinking about her mom on her parent’s anniversary.  I called her later on and asked if that was all she wanted.  She said “well if you can make lasagna that would be really nice.” 

With the help of my mom, we will have dinner, flowers and a cake ready for her when she gets out of work tomorrow night.



As the kids get older there needs change too.  My kids are usually very good at going to bed and usually fall asleep on their own.  I wish some nights that they would just crawl up on my lap so I can rock them to sleep just like when they were babies. 

Tonight Max almost asleep was suddenly his sister woke him up.  Well I could have done two things: talked to Bailee about waking her brother up or grab Max and rock him back to sleep.  Well not always making the right choice I grabbed Max and rocked him to sleep..  The right choice being talking to Bailee about waking her brother, I made the other choice.  The other choice was the right choice for me.   As a mom I just love those moments.



I feel that my life is spinning around with me standing in the middle.  Not knowing if I am going or coming.  I feel as if I do not have control of what is going on.  Why do I place so much on my plate and then feel like I am not going a good job at any of them.  Being a mom, wife, paraeducator, student, coach, and friend just seems to be overwhelming.  I need to step back and look in!  Live is short, so make the best of what I have right now! “It will all be o.k.” is what I keep telling myself!



One week from tonight I will be running around the house trying to finish my last minute packing before leaving for South Carolina.  As I think about all of the stuff I need to do yet before I leave, I think about leaving my little ones behind.  As the time gets closer the harder it gets to leave them.  Everyday they are growing and I learn something new about them.  Leaving them will be hard, but I know that they will be in good hands with their wonderful father!